Uniqueness of AiS2 lies in its complexity and wide-range implementation at universities with different structure of the faculties...
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AiS2 links to the product known under the abbreviation AIS, which UPJŠ has started implementing since 1997...
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AiS2 was developed at UPJŠ and is still being developed at academic grounds from where it is further passed over under no commercial circumstances...
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Academic information system AiS2 is a complex information system which is intended for management of all three university study programmes (Bachelor, Master and PhD.) and support of the management of the university science and research.

AiS2 is a product which is continually dynamically developed according to the needs of individual universities. Nowadays AiS2is implemented at 16 universities in the Slovak Republic. It is available for more than 100 000 students at Slovak universities which is more than 50% of all students at Slovak universities.
New application for creating schedule in AiS2
AiS2 TRH - Creation of schedule - Support for creating schedule using planned and omitted windows, quick placement of windows, generation of available positions, overview of collisions, …
This application allows the user...
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