About the AiS2

Academic Information System AiS2 is a complex information system which is intended for management of all three university study programmes (Bachelor, Master and PhD.) and support of the management of the university science and research.

AiS2 is a follower of the previous system AIS, which has been developed by Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice since 1997 and has been gradually implemented at other Slovak universities. The new version of the academic information system AiS2 was developed on the basis of 10 - year experience of development and operation of the AIS.

AiS2 is an information system with a standard three layer architecture.A standard internet browser is needed for logging into the AiS2 thus costs for maintenance of the system are noticeably decreased. A user range is optimized for the browsers Internet Explorer (version 6 and higher) and Mozilla Firefox (version 3.0.x and higher). Application range offers user comfort which is standard in typical client applications.

AiS2 supports a multilingual user range.Topical are more parts of the AiS2 which are used on the daily basis and are translated into English and Hungarian language. There is also a Spanish version available for student applications.

AiS2 supports a university character of study. The role of faculties is a basic filter option of the AiS2. Supervision of access rights je is based on roles and functions thus there is no need to distinguish user ranges for teachers, students and other university employees.

AiS2 consists of the following subsystems which are mutually integrated:
  • Admission procedure
  • Study programmes
  • Schedule
  • Study evidence
  • Accommodation
  • System administration
  • Users administration
  • Human resources
  • Administrative system
  • Reports, configurations.

Apart from the above mentioned AiS2 also consists of:
  • electronic application form and electronic return with support for electronic signature
  • interface for CRŠ
  • interface for CRZP
  • interface for university terminals
  • interface for communication with State Treasury and Slovak Post
  • web services for integration with other components of university information system
  • interface for Live@Edu
  • interface for aSCAgenda

The author of the AiS2 logotype is Mgr. Svetozár Šomšák. The AiS2 logotype is created by the composition of seven points which are placed on an imaginary circumference of a circle with a marked centre. Individual points have a different size. The shadow is under the composition of seven points and it is casted on the base area. Individual logotype points are information synonyms which are ordered in a regular database structure. Different shapes of the points symbolize dynamics of the information system and continually changing database contents.

Akademinický informačný systém AIS2 © Pf UPJŠ Košice, 2009